Have You Ever: Had Sex In The Kitchen?

Here’s a fun post-Thanksgiving question! Have you ever had sex in the kitchen? Over by the stove? On the counter? By the butter rolls? We’ve done it a few times in recent history, though we’d like to stress that no food was involved in the process. We just happened to be in the kitchen, and there just happened to be a surface to bend over against. You do the math.

With that said, we’re not against food items being used in a sexual scenario! We know a couple who used olive oil as lube (not recommended for casual hookups) and fucked on their kitchen island. They shared this experience with us as we were eating freshly chopped vegetables off their kitchen island… Yum?

But who cares about them! Let’s hear your stories. Tell us all the juicy details.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Next Door Twink

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