Gay Terms We Hate: Butt Babies

Ugh. Welcome to a new feature I created entirely on the spot – “Gay Terms We Hate”! Today’s phrase that DOES NOT pay is “butt babies.”

Yesterday evening, a co-worker here at Manhunt noticed a certain male model’s picture on my monitor. “He’s hot! I want to have his butt babies.”

Blech. No. Blech. And he isn’t the only one throwing out this term. At a recent gathering of my fellow homosexuals, someone was overhead saying “don’t worry, butt babies don’t live.”

Why is the term “butt babies” becoming so prevalent in our culture? And what does it mean exactly?

On my part, I always figured it meant a gay guy’s jizz. You know, that jizz is often directed towards another man’s ass, etc. So sperm = babies and butt…right?

But then I read THIS page, and everything in my life became terror.

The various definitions are terrible, and the imagery the phrase summons is worse. Let’s try and use “butt babies” a little less. And by “a little less”, I mean “never”. Censorship, tact, and self-editing isn’t always a BAD thing.

What expressions from gay culture do YOU despise?

Note – I am in no way implying the gorgeous Chase Hostler has anything to do with our topic. I just needed something beautiful to take your mind off of that term.

– J. Harvey

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