Gay Ass Gossip: New Kids On The Block Spotted At Bathhouse

ITEM – Damn, someone meshed my late 80s tween lusties with my later years admiration for the work of Tom Of Finland. I don’t know whether to fap fap fap or apologize to my “Step By Step” cassingle. Donnie Wahlberg of NKOTB fame Tweeted these pics of the boys showing off their new group effort face pubes…in a bathhouse. C’mon, that’s no spa! That is no locker room! That’s a bathhouse! I sense Crisco.

In an odd twist, the only openly gay one (Jonathan Knight) is wearing a shirt. I don’t care, lil’ Joey McIntyre has his pecs out and he’s rocking a mustache that will give a rejuvenating scrub to the well-traveled area right above my cock and also do wonders in polishing up my asscheeks.

– J. Harvey

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ITEM – Our rule of thumb here at “Gay Ass Gossip” is that every item has to involve a hot guy. But when a semi-beloved elderly celebrity gets busted for jacking off in a porn theater, we need to make an exception. Fred Willard, 72, has been in everything from Everybody Loves Raymond to the still-amazing Best In Show. Now he’s just in trouble. Willard was busted this week at the Tiki Theater in Hollywood, CA (it’s a porn theater) for allegedly having his cock out and about. I have to ask – do the LA police have any kind of actual crime to investigate? I also have to ask – do you think Mr. Willard was looking for a sort of nostalgia-trip fap experience or has no one in his life showed him how readily available porn is on the Internet? Willard’s lawyer denies Fred was snapping his carrot, but – really? Why in fuck would you EVER go to a porn theater unless it was to blow a load? Real butter on the popcorn? I’ll stop.

They still have porn theaters?


ITEM – That conniving bitch Charlize Theron stole my modeling gig! Whore. This is a shot of that icy bitch from Prometheus (she was fantastic) in some sort of back alley fetish circus 69 show with gifted cocksman Michael Fassbender for W. Fassbender is A-OK with messing around with guys for his art, so that should be MY face hovering so close to his bulge. They need to give other people a chance in this life! Doesn’t she have enough?