Gay Ass Gossip: Henry Cavill Getting His “Big Bang” On

ITEM – Actress Kaley Cuoco is a smart bitch. She knows how to get her name in the blogs AND get a hot piece of ass at the same time. The Big Bang Theory actress is supposedly on top of Man of Steel star Henry Cavill. See – they went for coffee and held hands.


I’m what the kids call “jelis”. Or “jelly”.  Ffffuuccckkk, he fills out that t-shirt. The only reason to see Man of Steel is for that one scene where he’s pecs-out. Wait for the Blu-Ray and use the pause button.



ITEM – That’s Ernesto Argüello. He starred on some reality shitshow called Ready For Love. That got cancelled but he caught the eye of Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria. They’re dating. She must have seen this GIF. If you could fuck a GIF, this is the GIF I’d fuck. This kind of thing never happens to me at the beach. The only thing that ever ambles out of the ocean at me is some pasty fishwife from Southie or a used hypodermic.

ernesto-arguello-nbc-universal-press-tour-02 ernesto-arguello-ready-for-love ernesto-arguello-nbc-universal-press-tour-01 Ernesto+Arguello+Ready+Love+Stars+Meet+Lunch+YuaIRXQEda4x o-EVA-LONGORIA-ERNESTO-ARGUELLO-TOGETHER-570



ITEM – That’s pretty cheeky. London gay bar Manbar has appropriated the image of everyone’s favorite hunky ginge prince to sell their drink specials. Does Prince Harry know about this? He actually seems like a chill guy, so he’d probably laugh about it.

Imagine Harry as a go-go boy? *fans self*