Flashback Friday: Steve Kelso

I feel the need to speak some truth. Saying “hello” to your favorite porn star isn’t easy. A lot of you seemed to think so on our latest installment of It Happened On Manhunt, but I can speak from personal experience that this isn’t always true.

It’s one thing if you’re at a live event. They expect attention there, and they’re likely getting paid by someone to receive that attention with open arms. But when they’re out in the open living their daily lives? It feels inappropriate to roll up to them and say, “I saw you suck five dicks on the internet”.

You see, former COLT porn star Steve Kelso is the owner of a club in New Jersey called The Den. On a quiet night there, I was nursing a drink at the bar, watching an older man dance with himself in the mirror. Oh, who am I kidding? I was pounding down whiskey, because my life was a shit-hole at this point…

Lo and behold, out of the corner of my eye, I notice an incredibly attractive guy walking past me. He looks oddly familiar. The awesomest bartender ever (wish I could remember his name) informed me that it was the establishment’s owner manager who was, indeed, the man formerly known as Steve Kelso.

My stomach dropped. Here I was, sitting in a random NJ bar, less than ten feet away from a man I’ve masturbated to since I discovered the internet. He was clearly busy, so I didn’t want to interrupt anything… But, gosh, how badly did I want him to take me to a back room and tear my hole apart? Click through and you’ll understand why.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: COLT Studio Group

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