Flashback Friday: Joe Cade

If you’re the type who gets into the historical details of gay porn, then you’re going to love the story of Joe Cade. It’s just a shame that we can’t tell you an accurate version of his story, because different sources are telling us different things. How very mysterious!

According to Retro Men Plus, Joe was “married” to Brian Adams in the late 1980s, after hey had met on the set of Surge‘s Better Than Ever in 1988. A group member writes, “They each initially had an intense dislike of each other, but as fate would have it, they were living together as lovers in about two months.” And then they had a publicity stunt wedding on The Phil Donahue Show? So confusing!

Yet somehow, it gets even more baffling. Joe was also linked to another adult performer by the name of Justin Cade. They’re billed as cousins in Falcon‘s 1985 flick Splash Shots, while other sources claim that they were real-life brothers. In that case, they’d be touching upon the same taboos as the Peters Twins, minus the whole “twin” thing…

We wish we could say that’s it. Beyond Brian, Joe was also romantically linked to gay porn star Tom Chase. The two were allegedly married and owned a personal training business together. Meanwhile, his brother (?) Justin was dating the legendary Al Parker.

Of course, then there are the tales that Joe and Justin were lovers. These vary, in the sense that some claim they were still brothers (who slept together), while others say the whole familial relationship was completely fabricated. Oh geez! This is too much for us to wrap our heads around. Let’s just look at pictures of his penis.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Kristen Bjorn

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