Exclusive Video Interview with Samuel O’Toole (Part III)

It’s the third and final part of our exclusive video interview with Samuel O’Toole! Or is it? If you listen closely to the last fifteen seconds, you can hear the faint sound of a Manhunt Daily blogger pleading, “Wait! One more thing!” What is this mysterious thing? When will you find out about it? Keep your eyes on the blog, and you’ll find out soon enough!

We’re giving you this warning, because we don’t expect you to sit endure all fourteen minutes of this last segment. If you do, we admire your stamina! If you don’t, at least try to stick around for the first fifteen seconds, in which Sammy begins to tell us about his favorite hobby…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Samuel O’Toole

Click through to see more pics and watch the final segment of our interview:





OH, and here’s the actual interview (though all four scenes are referenced at some point):

Charmed? We know we were! Click here to try out Sammy’s site for $1. You might like it.