Exclusive Interview with Austin Wilde

There are many things to like about Austin Wilde: his ripped body, his thick beard, the faces he makes when he’s plowing his dick into whoever’s lucky enough to bottom for him. And then there’s his website, Guys In Sweatpants, which just underwent a huge makeover. Not content to rest on his laurels, he and his boyfriend, uber-bottom Anthony Romero, have just relaunched the site with some original hardcore scenes.

Austin took a short break from his incredibly busy work schedule to answer a few questions about the site and about sweatpant boners in general. [Unrelated: I know I mentioned the Sweatpant Boners in my last interview here, but it’s hard not to bring them up again, especially when their most well-known song is about peeing with your father.]

– Lawrence

Photo credit: Guys In Sweatpants

See more pics and read an exclusive interview with Austin Wilde below:

Gay porn star Austin Wilde talks about his new site Guys In Sweatpants in an exclusive interview with Manhunt Daily.

 So, Austin. You launched GuysInSweatpants.com a couple of years ago as a user-submitted archive of guys in sweatpants. Which is a great concept! At what point did you decide to switch over to original hardcore content?

It was when we started realizing the company we worked for was more concerned with quantity than quality of their work. The idea of our own studio came first, and after a few weeks of trying to think of a name for it, we finally decided to use my site, GuysInSweatpants.com.

You just posted your first update, a scene with Ben Driver, who we interviewed here recently and who seems like an all-around cool guy (in addition to being a massively hung and wonderfully enthusiastic top). Who else can we expect to see on the site in the near future?

As you’ve probably seen, our first scenes include some familiar faces and some new ones. Over the next couple months, we have several brand new guys we’re bringing in that I’m actually quite excited about. I can’t give you names (mainly because most of them don’t have one yet), so stay tuned!

Gay porn star Ben Driver

The scenes that are on the site now include a gym, a yoga scene, and a breakfast scene, in addition to the site’s very first scene, which features you and Anthony together. Do these ideas happen organically or are these fantasies that you know we like watching?

Luckily, Anthony and I have a very similar, if not exact, vision of what we want for the site. They’re simple, easy scenarios that keep the focus on good sex. And they were derived from things we or the models enjoy doing.

Why sweatpants, specifically? Is it the gym association, or the way a hard dick looks bulging out of one? Do you have any sweatpant style preferences? I notice quite a few shorts on the new site…

I want to say it was around fall or winter when my friend and I decided to create the site a couple years ago; sweatpants just made sense. I’ve seen more than one person confused as to why we decided on the name Guys In Sweatpants. I decided to give people a little insight on this issue. Check it out on my personal blog.

We adopted the idea of gym shorts when the weather no longer called for sweatpants. (They’re both equally fun to look at.) I think it’s a combination of the gym association, mixed with a general obsession with a guy’s bulge. Sweatpants without underwear is definitely our preferred style.

Gay porn stars Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero get it on for their new site Guys In Sweatpants.

For the past week or so, since your new site launched, I’ve been scoping out more or less every guy I’ve seen in sweatpants, either to check out his ass or to see if I can spot a dick outline. (I live in a college town and it’s been cold so there’s a lot of them.) Do you find yourselves compulsively scoping out bulges, too?

Oh, of course. I have to give myself “the talk” every time I catch myself staring for more than three seconds. Staring at a bulge for too long can either cause a “What the fuck, bro?” or a “Wanna fuck, bro?” situation.  We can only hope for the latter of the two.

You two are in a real-life relationship and I’ve read more than enough blog comments in various quarters about whether or not you’re relationship is open or not. Which is kind of a boring thing to talk about? I’d like to know more about what it’s like to start a company with someone you’re actually dating. Is the production side challenging or fun? And who does what? Like is one of you more of a tech geek, for instance?

Like any business partners, we occasionally butt heads on ideas.  And being a couple, we aren’t afraid to express how we feel about it. But it’s definitely more fun than anything, especially on set. Anthony has dealt with photography for years so he kind of took over that aspect of it. And I caught on to working the cameras and editing video quite nicely. It works perfectly.

Other than that, we just hope you guys enjoy watching the site as much as we enjoy creating it!

Austin Wilde

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