Everything Butt: Davis

Congratulations, Davis! You just won the Manhunt Daily award for 2012’s Most Welcoming Butthole. We recognize it’s a bit early to be handing out such a prestigious title, but your fuzzy pink pucker is so irresistible that we can’t imagine anyone with a butthole more welcoming. Dani Demon? Cody Lake? They’ve got nothing on you.

In fact, your butthole is so welcoming that it practically screams, “FUCK ME LIKE AN ANIMAL”… And that’s exactly what Cole and Hunter, aka the Maverick Men, do in their latest scene with you. Please continue to make videos like this, for the good of mankind (and our dicks).

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Maverick Men

Click through to see Davis’ hairy hole and watch him get fucked:

Watch the full clip NOW at Maverick Men!