Everything Butt: Brock Magnum

Does anyone know what’s the deal with Brock Magnum? It seems like he’s some magical unicorn who came out of nowhere, took off all his clothes and then disappeared from the realm of gay porn. Like, we googled the shit out of him, and this is the only photo shoot we were able to find.

Alas, we’re okay with this situation, given that the world would explode if this perfectly round, hairy rump were caught on film too often. And by “the world”, we mean all of your cocks. In fact, there’s a pretty high chance that these photos alone will cause your cocks to explode! Well, but in a good way…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Men Magazine

To check out Brock Magnum’s hot ass, follow the JUMP:

And the obligatory shots of the front…

Kudos to Furboi for the tip!