Everything Butt: Ash Taylor

A few of you may recognize Ash Taylor from one of last week‘s more controversial posts. We thought we’d give him another spin, because this boy deserves some attention outside of all the drama. Plus, we’d rather not foster the misconception that every Randy Blue model is a total asshole. That’s definitely not the case!

Speaking of assholes, Ash Taylor’s is extremely beautiful. I’m kind of obsessed with every aspect of his butt, especially those stellar tan-lines. If somebody on the site doesn’t step in and pound that ass, I might have to be responsible for doing the honors.

Beyond his gluteus maximus, this guy also appears to have a great personality. He comes dangerously close to being as likable as Cayden Ross in his opening interview, and the bonus is that he’s nowhere near gay-for-pay like Malachi Marx. Yup, this guy loves dick as much as we do! Well, almost as much as we do…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Randy Blue

To check out Ash’s hot ass, follow the JUMP:

And the obligatory shots of the front: