Eliot Glazer As Oprah Winfrey Is Pretty Great

Eliot Glazer

Adorable human being Eliot Glazer (of It Gets Betterish fame) has a new web-series on Above Average, the YouTube channel from Lorne MichaelsBroadway Video (which happens to also produce some series you may have heard of like SNL, 30 Rock and Portlandia).

The show’s called Eliot’s Sketch Pad, and the first episode finds Manhunt Daily‘s #1 crush object donning Oprah Winfrey drag and recreating popular YouTube videos with Gayle King (as played by self-proclaimed blacktress and comedy-star-to-watch Naomi Ekperigin).

We encourage you to let this video into your heartspace. Let it in, deep and hard.

– Dewitt

Click through to watch the first episode of Eliot’s Sketchpad:



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