Dum Dum Girls: “Lord Knows”


I’ve been keeping an ongoing playlist for the autumnal season, which currently includes selections from Solange Knowles, Fibes, Oh Fibes!, DaQuanLord Huron, HAERTSYears & Years, Mykki BlancoDark Dark Dark, Alpaca Sports, SWIM DEEP and Sky Ferreira.

(For those of you who are worried that I’m trying to hard to sound hip, this playlist also features Nelly Furtado, Kristine W, Mariah CareyCalvin Harris, P!nk, Cher Lloyd and 90% of Carly Rae Jepsen‘s debut album. I have sort of terrible taste in music, you guys.)

But enough of listing names! Today, I’m here to talk about Dum Dum Girls‘ “Lord Knows”, a track that’s been out for awhile, yet somehow never made it onto this blog. Even though I’ve been listening to this on a regular basis for weeks, the only thing I can think to say is, “This song sounds like ‘autumn’ to me”. <— Ignore this dumb description, and listen for yourselves. The song is great!

– Dewitt

Click through to watch the music video for “Lord Knows”: