Diego Watches TV: “Men At Work”

“Created by Breckin Meyer.” I’d rather it was a personalized note telling me how sexy I am and what he’d like to do to me in the sack, but I guess I’ll have to be satisfied with Men at Work. The oh-so-a-DO-able Meyer has had my heart since he gave us Travis in Clueless and, of course, his voice over work on Robot Chicken is like ear porn. I was very skeptical about this one, though. A bunch of straight co-workers who spend a lot of out-of-the-office time together drinking beer and talking about chicks they’ve banged, chicks they’d like to bang or how bang-worthy the chicks at the bar are sounded a bit, well, done. I gave it a shot and lol’d more than a few times. Milo (Danny Masterson) and Gibbs (James Lesure) give up most of the best lines and the most eye candy, Tyler is sexy in a late 90s kinda way and, straight-laced, Neal is, well, I guess the sitcom formula calls for a humor anchor. I can’t wait for Breckin to guest star as Milo’s gay Facebook stalker (if only). Thursdays at 10 on TBS.

– Diego

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