A Collision Of Dicks At ChaosMen

This pic made me think of that post title.

That’s just two dicks exploring each other. Saying hi. Gearing up to spray jizz all over ChaosMen’s shoot bedroom! Barton and Jackson shot a hot scene, with the two of them demonstrating that they’re insatiable for each other. Insatiable enough to flip-fuck!

But Barton was down to get fucked too, and despite being a gay guy, he struggled a little bit more than Jackson did. I think he mentions during his solo that he is still learning to be a good Bottom. It doesn’t show much, as he strokes his hard cock while taking Jackson’s huge curved dick. It is kind of an ‘advanced’ cock for a beginner Bottom.

Um, where do I sign up for that class? (I should TEACH that class.)

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Michael Xavier