Colby Melvin & Brandon Brown: A Romantic Date Night

Colby Melvin and Brandon R. Brown

Models Colby Melvin and Brandon Brown have been through a lot with one another. They first caught our attention in the viral video “Jockstrap Cowboys”, when their make-out session stole all the attention from Brent Corrigan and Quinn Christopher Jaxon. They got political in the One Direction parody “Disclosure”. They posed (separately) for photographer Gabriel Gastelum. They got super cozy on a bang bus.

When I asked Colby if they were dating, he gave me a very coy response. When I asked you, our dear readers, you replied that these two are definitely an item… And, now, the mystery continues in a brand new video from Andrew Christian.

You might remember that I designated Brandon’s “Lick” as the best Andrew Christian video. That’s because I had yet to see this date night clip. While I’m far from the romantic type, the magnificently sensual, intimate vibe of this scenario (practically) burst the front zipper of my jeans. Those butt massages! The fireworks! The champagne in a hot tub! It’s all too much. In a good way.

Truth be told? This is, pretty much, the sexiest date night ever.

That said, the surprise ending of this clip really threw me for a loop! I’m guessing it’s all staged for publicity, but if not, maybe Brandon should have had “the talk” with Colby before handing him that fortune cookie? Stay tuned in for the follow-up, maybe.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Andrew Christian

Click through to watch a video of Colby and Brandon’s date:

Colby Melvin and Brandon R. Brown

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