Cody Cummings Finally Bottoms… FOR YOU!

Everyone’s waiting for the moment when Cody Cummings spreads his muscular cheeks wide open and lets another man stuff him full of dick. I mean, for the love of jizz, he’s teased us for so long! He’s taken everything from lollipops to butt plugs into his “cavern of mysteries”. You have to wonder why he hasn’t graduated to their fleshier counterparts… Well, until now!

Within the next few months, hundreds of men will be parting Cody’s virgin pucker with their rock hard cocks. They’re going to know what it’s like to be buried deep inside him, as his hole squeezes tightly around their shafts. They’re going to fuck him whenever they want. Over and over. Any time of the day.

How is this even possible? Because along with Austin Wilde & Samuel O’Toole, the gay-for-pay performer has been initiated into the oh-so-exclusive Fleshjack Boys club. Each of the three performers has had a dildo crafted after his manhood, along with a fuckable mold of his lips and butthole.

We have to say, we’re super proud that Austin has his own sex toy! It seems like just yesterday he was making his porno debut at OnTheHunt. Oh, and don’t even get us started on Sammy! Do you know how long we’ve wanted to pound him senseless? Best Fleshjack announcement ever! Aside from maybe this.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Fleshjack

To check out Cody, Sammy and Austin’s toys, follow the JUMP: