Christina Aguilera: “Your Body”

I think you already know her name.

“All I wanna do is FUCK your body!” Christina Aguilera belts out on the uncensored version of her new single “Your Body”. However, if the song’s music video is any indication, all she really wants to do is fuck our minds. Forget the rest of your body! She just wants to unscrew your skull, velcro on her diamond-encrusted strap-on and fuck some glitter into your brain-hole.

To put it in laymen’s terms? The music video for “Your Body” is FUCKING RIDICULOUS.

Christina Aguilera has either lost her mind or caught onto the joke of her “Legendtina” persona. Whatever the case may be, I’m still recovering from what I just watched. Was it amazing? Was it terrible? Was it pure artistic genius? These are the types of questions I ask myself when I quietly lip-synch the words to “Your Body” in my cubicle, so I guess it’s appropriate the music video captures that feeling…

– Dewitt

Click through to watch the music video for “Your Body”: