Celebrity Skin: The Best Naked Male Celebs of 2011

Those naked pictures of HollyoaksEmmett J. Scanlan really weren’t enough for you? Well, here’s a list of (mostly) much more notable celebrities, along with links to them in various states of undress. From Tom Hardy to Cam Gigandet, there’s something for everyone here.

Yup, these are 2011’s most popular posts from our Celebrity Skin series. We hope you enjoy this stroll down memory lane as much as we enjoyed compiling it… Or more than we enjoyed compiling it, because, gosh, putting these lists together is starting to get tiresome.

– Dewitt

Click through to find out who made the cut:



We wrote: “On this side of the pond, Tom Hardy is primarily known for his role in Inception, or being that guy whose embarrassing MySpace photos leaked all over the internet. Of course, he’s about to become a much bigger deal, after getting cast in Christopher Nolan‘s upcoming Batman flick as Bane… When this guy’s super famous, you’ll be able to say you’ve seen his penis.”



We wrote: “Do you watch The Vampire Diaries? Of course you don’t! You’re a grown ass man. If you’re going to watch vampires wreak havoc and deal with their cursed immortality, you might as well watch True Blood or Being Human. Of course, here’s the flaw in that logic–Ian Somerhalder is on The Vampire Diaries. And in case you didn’t notice, he’s really fucking hot.”



We wrote: “That new Anna Faris comedy What’s Your Number? was in theaters for about 3 milliseconds and word is that it sucked. But nothing can suck if it involves copious amounts of almost nude Chris Evans. The creators of the flick obviously knew they had a flop, so they stripped him down as much as possible to get some homos in there. Fools. They never heard of screencaps? Feast your eyes on a plethora of Chris pics.”



We wrote: “It’s impossible to do a Google image search for ‘Tim Oakes’ and not find naked pictures of the British rugby player. Hell, we couldn’t even tell you anything about his athletic career, because he’s mostly just famous for flashing around his particularly large, uncut schlong.”



We wrote: “It’s pretty unusual when a scene with viewable cock is deadly serious. Viggo Mortensen’s naked fisticuffs in Eastern Promises is one of those. In the 2007 thriller, he plays a Russian mobster in London who gets in a very intense scuffle in a locker room. While completely naked.”



We wrote: “It’s Halloween, so what male celebrity nude scenes are more fitting than Christian Bale’s in American Psycho? If you can ignore all of the gore and his character’s horrible taste in music (Whitney, Huey), Bale looked fucking HOT in that flick. Rock-hard body and a tight muscle butt made up for an ok dick. When he was running nude after the hooker, damn if I wasn’t distracted from the terror by that ass.”



We wrote: “The entire marketing campaign for Love & Other Drugs revolved around Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway promising a whole lot of gratuitous nudity. Consequently, the internet exploded when an alleged dick picture of Gyllenhaal made the rounds. Was it actually his penis? Or just some random piece of fabric? The world may never know…”



We wrote: “Speaking of boobies, there were FAR too many of those for us who are a strict 6 on the Kinsey Scale! And nary a cock or man ass to be found! I’ve read that this will improve in future episodes, but you know we had to track down a Game of Thrones cast member cock shot to balance the scales. And, well, we found Danish actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.”



We wrote: “You either want to see this or you don’t. And whichever side of the fence you fall on, it’s pretty clear that curiosity will get the best of you. For serious, okay? You can’t just tell someone that there are pictures of Chris Noth exposing himself in a kilt and not expect them to wonder about the former Sex and the City star’s furry crack and swingin’ nut sack.”



We wrote: “As far as we know, there was only one reason to see Burlesque. Okay, so maybe there were two reasons, but the most important one involved Cam Gigandet and a box of Famous Amos cookies. And nothing much more than a box of Famous Amos cookies.”



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