Celebrity Skin: Gerard Butler

Today I learned Gerard Butler is no Michael Fassbender, and I’m okay with that. The Scottish actor briefly flashed dick in his 1997 film debut Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown, as he ran into the water with his costar Billy Connolly. Fun fact! The water was freezing cold when they filmed this scene, and Gerard developed hypothermia shortly after.

Given that these conditions were bound to lead to some shrinkage—paired with the chance that Gerard might be a grower rather than a shower—there’s a distinct possibility that he’s as hung as (if not more hung than) Fassbender… Hell, who knows? When he gets hard, he might be bigger than this.

Not that I’m a size queen or anything! I’d sleep with this dude even if he had a vagina.

– Dewitt

Click through to see Gerard Butler’s dick: