Celebrity Skin: Adam Scott

Ferret-faced (I mean that in a nice way. Ferrets are cute!) actor Adam Scott is usually the best part of whatever he’s in. He can do comedy and drama, and when he’s not appearing in fun stuff like Step Brothers and shows like Parks & Recreation and Party Down, he’s popping up in serious nekkid fare like 2007’s Tell Me You Love Me. That show came and went, but it’s lasting legacy was Adam getting a handjob on camera. HOT. You can really only see his ballbag, but hey – celebrity ballbag.

There’s also this really hot pic of Paul Rudd nuzzling Adam’s face. No one’s naked but cute male celebrities nuzzling can be clothed. It’s ok. We’ll allow it.

– J. Harvey

To see some pics of Adam Scott’s bod, Follow the JUMP: