Celebrating Our Independence With Spandex!

God bless America! God bless hot guys in sexy outfits celebrating this great nation! While pondering a way to pay tribute to our fruited plains and amber waves of grain (please tell me those are the lyrics), I hit upon using the tried and true Manhunt method. Post pictures of hot guys wearing something patriotic-looking!

It’s kind of a broad category, but enjoy the following pics of dudes in  stars n’ stripes thongs, skintight Captain America costumes, and other assorted sleazy Americana. We’re not cheapening patriotism, we’re reminding you that it’s sexy. Oh dear.

– J. Harvey

p.s. Those of you who know your pin-up boys might spot Slick It Up founder and model David Mason and fitness model extraordinaire Scott Herman amongst these pics.

For more pics of patriotic guys being patriotic, Follow the JUMP: