Blasphemy Is Sexy

Has my general disdain for organized religion prevented me from realizing church has gotten sexy? Look at these priests and altar boys (and…sexy janitors?) Every priest I encountered when I was growing up was old, crusty, and giving my First Communion-receiving ass the eye. *shudder*

According to the 2014 Orthodox Calendar, church has gotten so progressive! And so erotic! Look at the pretty-faced priest sampling that gay wedding cake. And the rectory’s houseboy cooks breakfast in his skivvies! They’re really getting with the times. I would probably endure that holy styrofoam they bless and make you eat if the priest looked like a C-IN2 model.

– J. Harvey

Check out more pics from the 2014 Orthodox Calendarbelow:

orthodox new6

orthodox new7

orthodox new1

orthodox new4

orthodox new2

orthodox new3

orthodox new5