Bjӧrk: “Mutual Core”

Bjӧrk's Mutual Core music video

We’re entering what I like to refer to as Vespertine season; a time when my mild seasonal affective disorder kicks in, leaving me with no choice but to take solace in Bjӧrk‘s fifth studio album from 2001. Most of you are going to read that last sentence and be like, “What???”, but I’d like to think that the Bjӧrk fans out there know what I’m talking about…

The oddball Icelandic artist will be releasing a remix disc called Bastards next Tuesday, featuring remixes by Death Grips, Matthew Herbert and more. She’s released an official video for Biophilia track “Mutual Core” to promote the project, and it’s just as “Bjӧrk” as you’d expect it to be… In other news, I apparently need to give Biophilia a second chance? Good to know.

– Dewitt

Click through to watch the music video for “Mutual Core”: