Bi The Way: Vinny Castillo & Cassandra Cruz

I’m bringing the Bi The Way feature out of hibernation for Vinny Castillo. There’s absolutely nothing bisexual about his latest scene, but perhaps our bisexual (or gay, or straight, or questioning) readers will appreciate watching this handsome, meaty fucker do what he loves most… And he loves pussy. A lot.

As much as I would like to see Vinny with another man, I’ve got to admit that it’s hot watching him pound Cassandra Cruz‘s brains out. They kick things off with some passionate kissing, with Vinny gently licking and caressing her breasts. In no time, she’s on her knees slurping on Vinny’s big cock, deepthroating it right down to the base. Her nose is practically buried in his thick, dark bush.

Vinny eats her out, slaps his cock on her ass, eats her out again, she sucks his dick some more, there’s some sixty-nining, and then the real action begins. It’s an understatement to say that Vinny’s got some serious skills in bed. Honestly, I’m not sure if the ladies would enjoy his pace or style, but he fucks Cassandra exactly the way I’d want him to fuck me.

Laid out on his back, he lets her ride on top for awhile, until he eventually places her feet on his knees and thrusts his hips into her hard, fast and deep. Afterward, we get an awesome view of his muscular ass, as he drills her on her back. Then, in what might just be the most boner-inducing position of the whole scene, he picks her up whilst standing and bobs her up and down on his shaft.

They end things doggystyle. While the cumshot is a bit anticlimactic, it’s the journey that makes this all worthwhile. Definitely check this out! Unless you’re one of those gold star gays who’s terribly afraid of vaginas and boobs. In that case, you can sit this one out.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Next Door Hookups

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