Bi The Way: Marc Scalvo

We try our best to include actual bisexual content in our Bi The Way series, such as the passionate MMF threesomes seen here or here. Of course, if you’ve ever been inclined to look for it, you’re probably aware there isn’t a lot of decent bisexual porn. And if you’ve been holding out on any particularly good sources, then you should probably mention them in the comments section.

Every now and then, we’re forced to feature really attractive men engaging in one-hundred percent straight sex. Sure, they may be getting fucked from behind with a strap-on or getting their asses licked, but it’s still nothing more than a guy and a girl doing their thing.

Unfortunately, today is one of those “disappointing” days. We met Marc Scalvo back in July in a solo scene for Randy Blue. Since then, we’ve been holding onto the hope that his thick juicy cock would eventually collide with some hot guy’s hungry ass. Alas, our dreams were crushed! We’ll just have to settle for watching him do some random chick, as we daydream that we’re the ones on the receiving end.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Straight Guys 4 Gay Eyes

To check our Marc Scalvo in action, follow the JUMP: