Bi The Way: James Huntsman

Run away, gold star gays! This post isn’t for you. Though we’d love to tell you that James Huntsman is about to spread those fuzzy cheeks and get rammed like a slutty-ass bitch, the fact of the matter is that he really seems to love chicks. We’ve only see him in three hardcore scenes—one for Straight Guys for Gays Eyes and two for Next Door Hookups. Both of them involved huge titties, and not of the “moobs” variety.

Ugh, why are we so obsessed with the heteros today? We’re keeping our fingers crossed that ol’ James is just as “straight” as Kyle King, Corey Rezzon, Marcus Bachmann or pretty much anyone who steps onto the Bait Bus. Of course, until we find out for sure? We’ll settle for watching him do the hell out of Charity Bangs, because that’s kind of the best female porn star name EVER.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Next Door Male

To watch James Huntsman and Charity Bangs in action, follow the JUMP:

Check out the full trailer at Next Door Hookups!