Bi The Way: Berke Banks & Darcy

If you don’t understand why people are attracted to Berke Banks, then you need to watch a clip of him pounding someone’s ass. With every powerful thrust, he can get any dick-lover’s hole quivering in anticipation, and it turns out that the same rules apply when he’s doing a chick.

Berke recently appeared on Straight Guys For Gay Eyes giving it hard to a blonde girl named Darcy, and their scene definitely had me popping a few boners. Of course, it probably says a lot about my gayness that the first thing I thought when I saw the picture above was, “OMG, Isn’t that Trish Suhr from Clean House on the Style Network?”

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Straight Guys For Gay Eyes

To check out Berke Banks in action, follow the JUMP:

Remember when he fucked Simon Dexter?

Oh, and I suppose he also took it up the ass once or twice…

NOTE: We here at Manhunt Daily have no intentions of endorsing unprotected sex. We encourage you to make responsible decisions in your sexual activities, however you may interpret that. Apologies if this disclaimer is a boner-kill for some of you, but we feel the need to put this out there.