#AssWednesday 2015 Winner’s Circle

Or maybe less of a circle and more of the peach emoji ?.


The plan was to make this post the first Wednesday of 2016, but since MHD was in the blog hospital for the last week, it’s happening now! TGIF!

I love democracy: the voting, the deciding, the butts. It’s all a magical process that provides everyone with a chance to share their opinion and choose the ass they want to set as the gold standard for the year to come. This year, the voters have spoken and you have elected the glorious (ly retired) Paul Wagner as your #AssWednesday Ass of 2015.  There’s no shortage of praise for Mr. Wagner’s work or butt on Manhunt Daily, and my predecessor seemed particularly fond of this guy’s thick, furry ass globes.  In that vein, I present to you, the first #AssWednesday of 2016:

A mega-gallery of  Paul Wagner’s Delicious Ass