ARTPOP: Lady Gaga’s On To The Next Album

Capitalize it or DIE. Lady Gaga’s Tweeting about her next record. For some people, this will be a tantalizing tease to a major event. For others – “oh no, not already.” Gaga says the album will be called ARTPOP (note the tattoo), and that it needs to be in all caps. Or hell will be unleashed, and little monsters will eat you.

Didn’t the Pet Shop Boys call their greatest hits album PopArt? I guess I expected edgier. Doesn’t she get tired? I know you strike while the pop icon iron is hot, but it’s ok to take a week off here and there. It’s summer. Find a hammock and let your brain recharge.

Check out a new song called “Princess Die” that may or may not be on the new disc after the break.

– J. Harvey (via Queerty)