ANTM: Roberto Cavalli – The Finale

Who won this cycle of America’s Next Top Model? The answer to this question may surprise you! Actually, it probably won’t surprise you at all. In the final episode, “total package” Chelsey Hersley faced off against absurdly photogenic “giant” Ann Ward.

One of these girls has been striving to be a model since childhood, and her strong work ethic gained her victories on several Top Model challenges. The other is just coming to terms with her own beauty and was consistently selected as best photo for a good portion of the competition’s rounds.

In the end, there could only be one winner! Guest judge Roberto Cavalli stepped in, joining the panel for the final decision. If you didn’t watch, click through to find out which contestant will be appearing on the cover of Vogue Italia

– Dewitt

To find out who won this cycle, follow the JUMP:

1. ANN (Winner): From the beginning, this was the obvious choice, but one can never make assumptions about Tyra Banks‘ intentions. We were certain this cycle would go to Kayla Ferell, making her the first openly lesbian winner of the competition. And we were wrong. After her elimination, we thought they’d choose the entirely safe (yet slightly boring) option, selecting Chelsey as the ultimate champion. And we were wrong again.

It’s impossible to not be happy for Ann. She may not have the walk or the talk, but she looks damn good in pictures. It also helps that she has a unique look, a little spark we haven’t seen in previous winners. We can’t wait to see her future photo shoots!

2. CHELSEY (Runner-Up): All things considered, it’s impossible to not feel bad for Chelsey. She just turned twenty-three years old, so this was one of her final opportunities to break into the industry. Plus, she was so confident that she was going to win! It’s a giant slap in the face to think you’re the whole package, and then get pushed aside for someone you’ve been playing second fiddle to for the entire competition.

Upon dismissing Chelsey, Tyra Banks said something along the lines of, “You’ve got to prove us wrong and tell people that we made the wrong decision.” Honestly, Chelsey was about to cut that bitch, because she planned on doing that either way.