Another Spit & Stuff Would Be Nice.

Imagine Mark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer having hot gay sex.

It seems like only yesterday I pitched a tent over the news that Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal were going to be fucking in a rustic tent playing gay cowboys. The flick was Brokeback Mountain and that was, well, that was close to 10 years ago, fellas. Since then, we’ve all had to rely on the occasional steamy, small screen glimpses of forbidden gay love involving newbies or little-known ab racks.

Good news – Hollywood (via HBO) is getting back in the gay-me casting two of today’s dreamiest leading actors!

The cause of my latest taint tingle is Matt Bomer and Mark Ruffalo playing partners (my guess is they’re not playing Canasta) in the new Ryan Murphy-directed The Normal Heart. Of course, Hollywood has to ruin it by casting Julia Roberts in the lead. I would have suggested Allison Janney or Sigourney Weaver since, after all, a handsome woman is a handsome woman so, we might as well get one that can act.

The film is adapted from the Tony-award winning play about Roberts character, a paraplegic doctor who treats AIDS patients in 1980s New York. I’ll pass the time exploring my fantasies of how far Murphy will take it with these two. Another spit and stuff would be nice.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: We might have mentioned this back in April 2011, but we enjoyed Diego’s “spit and stuff” visual so much that it was worth mentioning again.]

– Diego

Click through for more help visualizing this beautiful combination:


Matt Bomer nearly nude in a hot stripper scene.



Mark Ruffalo nude





gay cum



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