Andrew Garfield Discusses How His Ass Looks In His Spider-Man Suit

My mild crush on actor Andrew Garfield that began with The Social Network has now exploded into a “I want him to marry me and fuck me stupid on our wedding night” situation. It’s due to this adorable interview he did with Ellen about how wearing his Spider-Man suit made him feel all vulnerable and naked because it was skintight and he was commando underneath.  I don’t know about you but I just bought my ticket on Fandango. I think I’ve used that line before but I really mean it this time.

The paps took some pics of Andy in his Spidey suit on the set, and it made him very self-conscious about his buttocks. We hear Mark Ruffalo had a similar problem.

“It was an acting exercise… Knowing that your keister has been shot from many different angles makes you very uncomfortable.”

I’ve never wanted to be a camera so bad. Get into Andrew Garfield being a combination of bashful and hot after the JUMP:

– J. Harvey (via Queerty)