About.Com’s Reader’s Choice Awards: If We Win, Everybody Wins!

About.com had the good taste to choose US as a finalist in their Gay Life Reader’s Choice Awards. Manhunt is up for Best Gay Dating Site. About.com is the site the world uses when they want to know ABOUT something! It’s a total honor for us that we’ve been nominated.

But we’re not going to be the nominee grimacing for the camera when one of those other bastards win! Oh HELL NO. Please do us a teeny, tiny little favor and express your MH love. Go here and vote for us!

As an incentive (we’re all about incentives, we’re givers), we’re posting a promo code for a free week of Manhunt when we win. Yes, that’s “when”
not “if”. Confidence is key! Confidence is sexy!

For reals, we’re giving away full access on Manhunt to celebrate our impending triumph. So – go vote, we’ll snatch that trophy, and everybody benefits!

– J. Harvey