A New Threat To Straight Men: Gays Marrying Their Women


Cassandra IS a bitch. This vid’s all over the gay blogosphere, and with good reason. It’s got some chuckles. Granted, it’s cliched as hell because I can’t make a quiche and I happen to like the D in a big way. But as I look around the Manhunt offices, I can admit some of the queers here can totally quiche, live at the gym, and do examine the buttons on their oxford shirts for whatever the hell that one guy is talking about. Fine. They have a point. I hail from the Island of Misfit Gays.

This vid from College Humor presents a very good argument for gay marriage. What if gays gave up on equality and started marrying women? Straight guys’ ladies already prefer to hang around with us. What if we made the arrangement permanent?

– J. Harvey

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