Men At Play: Emir Boscatto And Sergi Rodriguez Fuck In The Kitchen

Emir Boscatto in a suit. Emir Boscatto OUT of a suit and furiously fucking Sergi Rodriguez! Sorry that I haven’t had him back in awhile. Emir is a BULL who FUCKS. There’s some clap trap about a disgruntled kitchen worker in this latest Men At Play scene. All I could focus on was Emir handling […]

Who’s Fucking Whom: Photo/Video Gallery (July 4)

Trevor Fucks Ross Dirk Caber & Dolan Wolf Fuck Zale Fucks Griffin James Castle Sergi Rodriguez Macanao Torres Kent Fucks Kenny James Lain Fucks Liam Lomax Jaxton Wheeler Fucks Morgan Shades Andrew Stark Fucks Adrian Hart Troy Ryan Fucks Tyler Hill Hugo Arenas Fucks Ronny Alex Del Toro Fucks Rikk York Shane Barret Fucks Noah […]

Who’s Fucking Whom: Photo/Video Gallery (June 27)

Ollie Fucks Pete Tim Kruger Fucks Sergi Rodriguez Kody Knight Fucks Tyler Hill Bryce Acton – GayCastings Colt Fucks Tom Atticus Fox Fucks Brett Beckham James Castle Lucas Fox Alejandro Dumas Tegan Fucks Vander Rocco Steele Fucks Parker Kane Champ Robinson Fucks Eli Lewis Dylan Strokes Fucks Dylan Knight FX Rios Fucks Christian Lesage Seth […]

The Cock Buffet: Brought To You By Hot Guys With Tattoos

It’s always baffled me that there’s an ongoing discourse about tattoos in Manhunt Daily‘s comment section. Some people like them, some people hate them, and some people are fucking ambivalent and could care less whether you do or don’t have ink on your body, as long as you possess other traits they find attractive. The […]

Popular Demand: The Week of Maverick Men, Good Dick, Group Sex & Toilet Porn

It’s always funny when the comment section gets unreasonably ugly on posts about the Maverick Men. Nine times out of ten, they wind up bringing in more traffic than any other item shared in the same week, and you have nobody to blame but your selves that they’ve completely dominated today’s edition of Popular Demand. […]

Who Would You Rather?: Battle of The Gay Porn Solos (IV)

Oh, the gay porn solo! Some people love ’em, some people want nothing to do with ’em, and some people (like me) acknowledge that they can be hit or miss. I’ve found that even the hottest guys can turn out boring solos, and occasionally, a model who isn’t thrilling in his hardcore scenes can be […]