The Ten: Kayne Lawton, Chris Bailey & Serge Henir Take Turns On Top

You guys just can’t seem to make up your mind on The Ten! Ever since Sean Cody model Hudson got ousted from his seven-week run as the “Sexiest Man of The Moment“, you’ve cycled through Kayne Lawton, Chris Bailey and Serge Henir as your new champions. Those three have been holding on strong in the […]

Twink Tank: Meet Cameron Parks

Helix’s newest star is Cameron Parks. He’s a handsome young bloke with an aquiline nose and a big aquiline dick. But it’s his hole that gets a lot of play in his intro scene. He blasts his big boner upwards deep inside the kid with long slippery, bareback strokes. Ryan keeps his hand on Cam’s […]

Twink Tank: Meet Cole Claire

For those of you into tousle-haired, nubile twinks with big cocks, this is Cole Claire. He likes it rough. He likes to be told what to do. He likes to be pushed down and fucked. Those are exact quotes. Those are qualities we treasure in a twink performer. Did I mention good qualities? At one […]

Sean Ford Sucks At Rollerblading, But Not Cocksucking

Sean Ford and Ryan Bailey are legal, right? They look way young. I’m gonna need to see some ID fellas. Wait, I’m sure Helix Studios has the correct paperwork on file and they just LOOK young. I’m sure they’re both over 30 and all the strenuous fucking keeps them looking incredibly youthful. Right? Right. Sean […]

The Ten: How Did Chris Salvatore Not Win This?

I’m about to start drafting up conspiracy theories that someone’s rigging The Ten in favor of Kayne Lawton, Chris Bailey and Serge Henir. The trio has dominated our countdown of the “Sexiest Men of The Moment” for four weeks in a row, and it’s highly suspicious that none of them fell behind Chris Salvatore or […]

Popular Demand: The Week of MEN & Group Sex

Happy National Underwear Day, everyone! Since I’m stuck at Manhunt headquarters for the day, I’ll be celebrating by wearing underwear (which isn’t always the case) and talking about how much MEN.COM dominated Manhunt Daily last week. That last part has nothing to do with National Underwear Day, but between Paddy O’Brian‘s bottoming debut, Colby Keller‘s […]

The Ten: Hudson & His Beer Can Thick Cock Do It Again!

Bow down and worship Hudson‘s fat cock! The fuzzy, muscular Sean Cody model has snatched the title of “Sexiest Man of The Moment” for his fifth consecutive week, as he sits comfortably atop The Ten above Chris Bailey, Guy Feldman, Shawn Wolfe and London-based beauty Will. The blue-eyed, uncut wonder known as Richie Langton got knocked out […]

The Ten: Hudson & His Thick Cock Top Will For The Fourth Week In A Row

We need to shake things up around here! The top five “Sexiest Men of The Moment” remain virtually the same as last week, with the only difference being that male model Guy Feldman took over for Angel Rock in fourth place. Although Trenton Ducati, Hunter Marx, Anthony Carrino and Dale Cooper couldn’t follow Guy’s lead […]

The Cock Buffet: Brought To You By Hot Canadian Men

What a peculiar coincidence! Shortly after Ben Driver discussed Canadian porn stars (and his gigantic penis) in an interview with guest blogger Lawrence, we discovered that there’s a brand new site specifically dedicated to those hunky fellows up north. It’s called Men of Montreal, and the first few scenes boast such talent as Marko Lebeau and Gabriel […]

Exclusive Interview with Johnny Parker

A glorious thing happened this week! While we were in the process of updating Manhunt Daily, I asked my darling Twitter followers to e-mail me pictures of their butts (so I had something to jerk off to later that night). As I scrolled through my inbox with my dick throbbing in my jeans, one message […]