Broke Straight Boys: Jared Marzdon And Ronan Kennedy Fuck Bareback

We haven’t check in with Broke Straight Boys for awhile. Guess what? There are still “straight” boys looking for cash using their cocks and asses. Here’s Jared Marzdon raw dogging a load into Ronan Kennedy. It seems like only yesterday that Ronan was fucking a guy for the first time. It’s almost a shame that […]

I’ve Never Done This Before: Ronan Kennedy’s First Gay Fuck

Ronan Kennedy is a shaggy-haired, well-endowed Irish fellow who’s never stuck his dick in another dude’s ass. He previously appeared on Broke Straight Boys sucking his first cock in a scene with Paul Canon, and now, he’s diving deeper and deeper into the world of man-on-man sex with a hands-on lesson in the joys of prostate […]

Super-Sized Broke Straight Boys Post! (And They’re On Sale!)

I’m so glad these guys are poor. That’s a horribly cynical thing to say, especially if these guys have drug issues or are just plain desperate for $$$ (let’s be real – that’s sometimes the motivation to do porn, especially if you identify as straight). But, from the viewpoint of a guy just looking to […]

They’re Broke, They’re Boys, And They’re Buttfucking (Straight?)

I like butts. Ronan Kennedy looks DIFFERENT. This Broke Straight Boy got himself a haircut. He’s also gotten older as one does. It’s ok. Scruff is hot. His maturity shows. He’s gone from bashful “I’ve never done this sort of thing before.” to “Just shut the fuck up and sit on my cock, Oliver Saxon!” […]

Four Play: Ian Dempsey’s Pool Table Gangbang

Within Broke Straight Boys current roster, Ian Dempsey remains one of the cuter models on the site. He might not have a lean, muscular physique like Kaden Alexander or Dakota Ford, but he makes up for it with those pretty eyes and a general boy-next-door charm. Also? He’s not too shabby in the whole “taking it […]

The Cock Buffet: Brought To You By Well-Endowed Tops

There are few men in this world who’d complain about an overabundance of porn in their lives, but after spending an hour rearranging my various folders, it suddenly dawned on me that I might be one of them (even though I fucking love porn with every inch of my soul). I’ve missed quite a bit […]

I’ve Never Done This Before: Virgin Bottom Brody Lasko Gets His Cherry Popped

Boyish, blond-haired Broke Straight Boys newcomer Brody Lasko is the type of model who makes people question the (alleged) heterosexuality of the site’s models. In his bottoming debut, he seems awfully at home letting Ayden Troy stuff his cock into his tight, young (allegedly) virgin ass. He remains stiff with every thrust, as the camera […]

I’ve Never Done This Before: Steffan Turns JC Gay With His Hot Ass

There was a recent scene released by Randy Blue entitled “Scotty Marx turns Zane Porter Gay with his hot ass“. When I saw that title in my inbox, I laughed out loud harder than I did while watching Channing Tatum‘s 1999 striptease video. There’s something very absurd about sticking their dick in a dude’s butt […]

Three’s Company: Straight Boy Sandwich Fuck

Oh, straight boys! It’s so entertaining (for us) what they’re willing to do when you wave a wad of cash in front of their faces. Lean, dark-haired cutie Damien Kyle went full-on power bottom with Dakota Ford and Ayden Troy in a recent threeway for Broke Straight Boys, taking both of their not exactly small […]