Huge Cocks: Rocco Steele Disciplines The Workers With His 10-Inch Cock

Lance Hart and Alex Adams are sloppy workers. Rocco Steele’s got a 10-inch dick. Course correction can occur when you stuff a butt with a cock. Lance learns. Oh, and Alex has to jerk Lance off while he’s getting plowed. Click here for more over at My 10-Inches! Rocco Steele – Twitter and Instagram Lance […]

Sean Storm’s Fuzzy Hole Meets Rocco Steele’s Massive 10 x 7 Inch Meat

It’s not always a given that you’ll get magic when you put two great things together—and you can try out this bacon lube if you don’t believe that statement—but, uh, there’s definitely some magic that came from the combination of Sean Storm‘s extremely hairy hole and Rocco Steele‘s massive 10 x 7 inch meat. On […]

Rocco Steele Fucks Max Cameron With His Massive 10 x 7 Inch Meat

In case you didn’t figure it out after he won the 2014 “Get Inside Me Now” award, I am a teensy bit obsessed with Rocco Steele‘s gigantic 10 x 7 inch penis and the things he does with it. While there’s no way in hell that his shaft would even fit halfway up my ass, […]

Rocco Steele Needs To Get His Massive 10 x 7 Inch Meat Inside Me Now.

Dear Journal, it’s me… Dewitt! I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had a massive 10 x 7 inch penis inside of me. It’s almost a little scary to think about getting stretched open that wide and pounded that deep, because well, my anal abilities aren’t anywhere near Armond Rizzo, Mike De Marko or […]