Randy Blue: JD Carlo Barebacks Peter Lipnik

Euroslut JD Carlo shoves his thick beef up muscle hunk Peter Lipnik. That was short and sweet. If you’re into bareback beefcake, this new Randy Blue scene (I know – a new Randy Blue scene!) is all yours! Click here for more! – Michael Xavier J

Look! A New Randy Blue Scene!

It’s alive! IT’S ALIVE! Randy Blue has been a little iffy with the updating in the last couple of years. They used to be one of the bigger studios out there until they fell into…whatever happened. But they’re still around, and they’ve updated! – Michael Xavier JD Carlo and Dom Ully do Randy Blue proud […]

Randy Blue: Kevin Falco Barebacks Jazz Jones

Randy Blue continuing out of left field to post new content! Well, “new” might be a misnomer. “Never seen?” Is that better? Here’s a bareback scene with Kevin Falco sticking his raw dog dick into Jazz Jones (fantastic porn name, Mr. Jones!). They’re both pretty twinky with really solid dicks, particularly Falco. And if you […]

It Must Be The Holidays, Because There’s A New Randy Blue Scene!

Randy Blue who? Yeah, Randy Blue! Remember when they were the shit and then they stopped posting scenes? Well, they’ve actually posted a new scene. Porn detectives, is this new? I could go investigate myself, but I’m too busy making plans to get stuffed like a turkey on Thursday. I mean eat turkey. Right. Anyway, […]

Randy Blue: Who Even Knows?

Is This Good or Not? Round 2   Last week I was all complaining about Randy Blue not responding to emails, rendering me unable to determine if the sixty second clips they provide me were actually representative of whether or not a scene was worth spending your bucks on. And this week is no different. […]

Is this Randy Blue Scene Good!?

I can’t tell.   Because Randy Blue won’t respond to any of my emails about things like this scene, or giving me some kind of extra access so I can report back about things that are awesome. So instead I had to watch the 60 second clip they email around to everyone and try and […]

My BF Tarzan is on Randy Blue and I’m Feeling WAYS

SEND HELP YOU GUYS. I’M GONNA DEHYDRATE.     I think this is gonna be another CAPITAL LETTERS POST. I don’t know what’s going on over at Randy Blue, and actually this scene was SO out of step that I just emailed them to ask wtf was happening and if I needed to sign up […]

Liam+Augustine are the Antidote to That Randy Blue Scene

There’s so much clear and present excitement here, it forces you to get excited.   On Sunday I was moaning about this Randy Blue scene where it seemed like there was zero throwdown coming from either of these guys (but that there was nothing wrong with lazy, comfort sex). This morning, I wake up to […]

Hangover Sex With Randy Blue

Cause that’s what Sunday afternoons were made for.   Randy Blue is a real mixed bag for me. I like a lot of what they do, and as a studio they’re responsible for some of the biggest names to roll into the industry in the last decade or so. But it’s not especially imaginative overall, […]