Pierce Paris Supports Troy Accola In The Best Way Possible – With His Dick

Troy Accola is down because things are not working out as planned, luckily he has Pierce Hartman there to support him by sucking his hard cock and pounding his ass till he is stress-free and cumming everywhere! Nothing like a good friend who you can console you and fuck you all in one shot! It’s […]

Jaxton Wheeler And Pierce Hartman Are “Basement Boys”

First off, is Pierce Hartman now “Pierce Paris“? Check the Twitter link below. Secondly, he shot a HOT FUCKING SCENE with Jaxton Wheeler! Couple Jaxton Wheeler & Pierce Hartman, get down and dirty in the basement sucking each other’s hard cocks. Jaxton aggressively fucks Pierce’s tight asshole. Letting out all their stress on each other’s […]

Andyroxyasox Will Give You A New Appreciation For Pierced Nipples

I’m back! Miss me? Don’t lie. I missed you gents for damn sure! Being on vacation was wonderful, but there was definitely something missing besides someone to cover my gigantic bar tab. I was a little lost because assisting Dewitt in posting about giant cocks and fuckable asses has become my life’s mission! So let’s […]

It’s 2018 and Skateboards are the New Sling

Guys, we have all been making sex way harder than it has to be.  As we just learned on bareback porn site, Bromo, your skateboard will do most of the work for you.  It’s as simple as positioning the bottom on the board, and then using the wheels to slide him on and off your […]

When You’re (Huge) “Cock Dependent”…

It’s awful. Some people need their caffeine in the morning. Others need dick! For Pierce Paris, nowhere is off limits when it comes to getting off. When he spots Teo Carter during a long wait at the doctor’s office, he wastes no time initiating a specialized bareback exam just for him. Hypnotized by Pierce’s big […]

Editor’s Picks: The 100 Sexiest Men of 2013

My indecision will be the death of me. After assembling part one and part two of our “Sexiest Men of 2013” countdowns based on popularity alone, I decided it was far too much to choose a top ten from the 250+ names I jotted down in consideration for my “Editor’s Picks” list… So, naturally, I […]

Gleek Out: Britney/Brittany

How do you combine the two gayest things ever–Britney Spears and Glee? The equation involves John Stamos, a whole lot of fantasy sequences and an epic sex riot. Oh, and I suppose a cameo (or three) by the self-proclaimed “living legend” herself. In this episode, Kurt pushes to perform a Britney song at a school […]