Jaxton Wheeler And Pierce Hartman Are “Basement Boys”

First off, is Pierce Hartman now “Pierce Paris“? Check the Twitter link below. Secondly, he shot a HOT FUCKING SCENE with Jaxton Wheeler! Couple Jaxton Wheeler & Pierce Hartman, get down and dirty in the basement sucking each other’s hard cocks. Jaxton aggressively fucks Pierce’s tight asshole. Letting out all their stress on each other’s […]

Jordan Levine Brutally Deals With Burglar Pierce Hartman (Bromo At 20% Off!)

Brawny Jordan Levine is PISSED that musclebunny Pierce Hartman had the BALLS to break into his place and try to steal his shit! Speaking of balls, that’s what Pierce is forced to nuzzle with his chin as Jordan PISTONS his cock in and out of Pierce’s yap as punishment. Pierce finds himself nude and helpless […]

Bromo: All Pierce Hartman Wanted Was To Frost A Cake

Instead, he got his butthole frosted with cum by former solo artist Brad Powers! Tall glass of fuckable Pierce Hartman was merely trying to put the finishing touches on the cake he baked. Brad had other ideas. (By the way, Pierce is so fucking handsome even when he’s recoiling in terror!) Before Pierce knows it, […]

Damon Heart, Alex Mecum & Pierce Hartman Sexy Videos

These three gay porn stars, newcomer Damon Heart, hottie Alex Mecum, and hunky Pierce Hartman, are very active on Twitter. I enjoy following them because of all the pictures and sexy video clips they share. Check out some of the hot video clips below. Alex Mecum recently just made his porn debut on CockyBoys. You […]

Pierce Paris Supports Troy Accola In The Best Way Possible – With His Dick

Troy Accola is down because things are not working out as planned, luckily he has Pierce Hartman there to support him by sucking his hard cock and pounding his ass till he is stress-free and cumming everywhere! Nothing like a good friend who you can console you and fuck you all in one shot! It’s […]

Climb Jaxton Wheeler’s Tower Of Ass

I’ve often seen pics of nude dudes forming a rawdogpile, but never seen that tower of ass actually intruded upon! Until now! Bromo’s Jaxton Wheeler stacks Max Wilde, Pierce Hartman, and Cody Smith one on top of the other and fucks all three hot asses in a row! All that fuckable ass just stacked there […]

Twitter Feed (Me): Porn Star Tweets Are The Best Tweets

It’s Saturday! Let’s take a moment to breathe, relax, and luxuriate with Manhunt Daily’s weekly round-up of porn star tweets. You’ve earned it, baby! Remember, you can follow ME on Twitter (I don’t tweet THAT much but when I do they’re awesome-fantastic), Manhunt Daily on Twitter, and Manhunt proper on Twitter! Go forth! – Michael […]

The Cock Buffet: Brought To You By Hot Sex With Markie More

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again—Next Door Studios has really stepped up their game in recent history, after overcoming huge fiascoes like their condom shaming propaganda and embarrassing wanna-be viral videos that came off as a poor attempt to replicate the success of underwear brand Andrew Christian‘s winning formula. When their experiment […]

Beefy Fuckers: Brad Powers Ambushes Griffin Barrows In The Bathroom

Griffin Barrows is definitely the hardest working versatile bottom in the porn business. See? He’s so popular pornographically that dudes in ski masks are busting out of his shower to ravage his bouncy bubble butt. The guy in the mask is Bromo’s The Intruder, Brad Powers. Brad’s become quite the fuck provider since we spotlit […]

Dylan James & Valentino Medici on Set of Lucas Ent. in Berlin

I reported a couple of days ago that porn star Valentino Medici has started shooting porn again and he was in Berlin filming with Lucas Entertainment. Check out some behind the scenes pictures here and here. Today I have a short but cute video clip of Valentino Medici and American porn star Dylan James during […]