Naked Sword: JJ Knight Gets Greasy

Goddamn, does JJ Knight have a big cock. Christian Taylor is practically drooling in anticipation. Speaking of drooling, Christian’s eyes MUST be watering as he tries to fit JJ’s giant hog in his throat! It’s the next scene of Naked Sword Originals’ Greasers. Christian is a nerdy type trying to tutor juvenile delinquent JJ. However, […]

Naked Sword: Like A Phoenix From The Asses!

“I’ve been waiting for you, boy,” Rocco Steele growls at JD Phoenix. Before JD Phoenix knows it, he’s tied up, ass up, and getting his butthole PUMPED by the burly behemoth. I think I overheard JD moaning that Rocco’s cock is too big for his butt at one point? Hey, you knew how big Rocco’s […]

Wesley Woods And Tom Faulk Are Flip-Fucking Each Other For Naked Sword

While we were *ahem* away putting the finishing touches on Manhunt Daily: The New Shit, Naked Sword began releasing the fantastic “Scared Stiff.” A spoof on slasher flicks, EVERYBODY’S in this one – Colby Keller, Jack Hunter, the return of Seth Santoro, Ryan Rose, the list is endless! Written by drag royalty Jackie Beat (luckily […]

Here’s Naked Sword’s Top Ten Twinks

Who knew Naked Sword had so many twinks? Naked Sword put together a clipshow of their top ten most popular vids featuring twinks. Guys love young-looking guys fucking other young-looking guys! Bring on the blondes with the milky skin who look like you’d automatically request to see some ID so no one ends up on […]

Naked Sword Presents: The Top Ten Big Dicks!

Collect them all! Naked Sword is always thinking of you. Who has the time to comb through their (literally) 1000s of videos to find the ones featuring the biggest cocks? They’ve done the work for you! They’ve put together this dick clip collection showing off the biggest, girthiest, most cum-filled cocks (and their owners using […]

Naked Sword: The Elder Sorenson Mormon Epic Ended This Week

You have to admit that this has done A LOT for the Church of Latter-Day Saints I’m departing Naked Sword Originals’ Mormon Boyz epic starring “Elder Sorenson” with a few takeaways. In addition to several used cum rags, I’m left with wanting to get fucked by a hot guy with salt-n-pepper hair. “President Nelson” thoroughly […]

Wayback Wednesday: Can You Guess Naked Sword’s Top 10 Bareback Scenes?

Neither could I! Come on, that’s a lot of rawdog dick going into muscular butt. Perhaps in an attempt to remind us that it’s ungodly hot this summer, Naked Sword put together a video highlighting their pick of the Top 10 Bareback Scenes. Click play and prepare for a trip down down memory lane sans […]

Naked Sword Counts Down The Top 10 Summer Scenes

Naked Sword put together this handy little countdown of their hottest summer scenes. It was a nostalgia trip starting off with the “pre-condom” splendor of Cory Monroe and Chad Douglas in Spring Break all the way to Leo Sweetwood and Bray Love fucking up against that fence in Summer of Sweat. It’s a trip down […]