Roman Todd Services Markie More

One of the pitfalls of blogging about porn is that sometimes you don’t know who to focus on in a scene. Licking my lips (and jacking my dick) over the utterly chiseled Markie More? Or do I save the strokes for the maniacal fucking that brutally hot Roman Todd is giving him? Don’t even get […]

Markie More Breaks In The New Guy

Markie More has the best job, always getting to break in the best newbies, and Donovan Kane is no exception. Donovan’s open minded attitude and svelte frame have Markie salivating at the prospect of having his way with him, and Donovan seems primed and ready for the encounter, himself. Markie starts by stripping him out […]

Markie More Breaks In Chad Piper

Welcome to Porn World, Chad Piper! You’re in good hands with hard-bodied Markie More! Tearing off his jeans, Markie discovers that Chad lives to his name, as he unleashes his Steel City pipe for Markie to behold. P.S. Chad’s from Pittsburgh. Markie takes a deep dive onto Chad’s cock, gagging himself with it before flipping […]

Markie More And Derek Bolt Are Flip-Fuckin’ Horny Husbands

Two of the best bodies in porn play horny husbands whose wives can’t give head for shit! They set out to prove that the stereotype is true – dudes DO give better blowjobs! Derek begins by sucking Markie off, and he’s just as good as Markie remembers. Markie returns the favor, getting Derek nice and […]

Raw Dogs: Micky Junior “Models” For Markie More

I know a guy who works part-time as an artists’ model. He’s a total whore, and I always imagine that he does it so he can meet sex partners. He’s got a big dick (I’m not at liberty to say how I know that) and can you imagine a better advertisement? But he claims nothing […]

Markie More And Grayson Fabre Get Off On Each Other’s Beauty

Apparently, Markie More has had his NextDoor talent scout eye on Grayson Fabre for awhile. He lets us know that he can’t get over Grayson’s “supermodel” face. Grayson’s definitely handsome (and he takes a dick like an accomplished bottom) and all, but Markie’s body is just UNREAL. Body by Da Vinci! Markie’s in heaven, though, […]

Huge Cocks: Markie More And Dalton Briggs Experience A “Rain Delay”

Dalton Briggs is PACKING. That look on Markie More’s face is because he knows he’s going to have to sit on that flagpole. It’s NextDoor’s Rain Delay. The golf game or something was called due to inclement weather, so Dalton suggests that they jerk off together. And Markie laughably demurs at first. That’s just still, […]

Yes, But When Is Quentin Gainz Gonna Get With Markie More?

Don’t get me wrong. This latest scene from NextDoor’s “Straight Chexxx” (I still don’t get the name but I am admittedly more focused on the fucking as opposed to the storyline) is hot. Quentin Gainz and porn elder statesman Dean Phoenix absolutely get “deep and penetrating” with each other, as the promo copy says. But […]

NextDoor Put Markie More And Quentin Gainz In A Scene Together

NextDoor’s latest epic is Straight Chexx. Here’s the summary of this multi-part epic starring Markie More, Quentin Gainz, Mark Long, Dean Phoenix, Jimmy Clay and Ty Thomas! From Director Rocco Fallon comes a story of love, lust and the struggles many guys experience as they search to find themselves both personally and sexually in a […]