Jason Vario Blasts Lorenzo Flexx With A Load Of Love

“A load of love.” Yes, that’s a quote. Without wasting a minute of time, Lorenzo gets down to business and opens his hole for Jason to slip inside. It’s a big cock and Lorenzo isn’t used to something that large inside his ass. There’s lots of grunting as Jason picks up the pace and pounds […]

Lorenzo Flexx And Jonah Fontana Fuck In The Bushes

Let me start by saying that I really want to caress these two butts. With my face. That being said, it’s Lorenzo Flexx and Jonah Fontana in the latest chapter of TitanMen’s Cum Laude! Voyeurs Lorenzo Flexx and Jonah Fontana grow huge wood. Jonah guides Lorenzo down to his big dick, slapping it on his […]

Beefy Fuckers With Huge Cocks: Jason Vario And Lorenzo Flexx

Yes, I have done the unbelievable and combined TWO Manhunt Daily categories into one post! Beefy fuckers! Huge cocks! Jason Vario did it! He’s a beefy fucker (with a bouncy bubble butt): Please note that his scene partner Lorenzo Flexx is definitely a “beefy fucker,” too. And as for the huge cock part: Click here […]

TitanMen: Jesse Jackman Fucks Lorenzo Flexx On “Parole”

Jesse Jackman doesn’t need a gun. He’s got a big one in his pants! It’s the next chapter of TitanMen’s “Parole” and it stars Lorenzo Flexx as a parolee, and local favorite (I see him down at the gay bar here in Boston sometimes…seriously, there’s like one gay bar left in Boston) Jesse Jackman as […]

Vinnie Stefano And New Titan Exclusive Lorenzo Flexx Enjoy Dallas Steele’s Hospitality

I’m pissed because the last vacation home I rented didn’t come complete with dick. Jesse Jackman and Bruce Beckham barely had time to clean up after their anniversary fuckfest before Vinnie Stefano and Titan Men’s new exclusive Lorenzo Flexx arrived for their stay at Dallas Steele and David Benjamin’s vacation palace. Lorenzo decides to get […]

The 2017 Grabby Nominations Were Announced (And We Were Nominated!)

The Grabbys are the porn equivalent of the Oscars (but with far hotter people and surely way less boring and probably less fuck-ups). There’s a problem, and all of you porn fans can empathize with me on this one. Cuz’ the 2017 Grabby nominations have been announced, and there are SO MANY FUCKING nominees in […]