Jason Vario Blasts Lorenzo Flexx With A Load Of Love

“A load of love.” Yes, that’s a quote. Without wasting a minute of time, Lorenzo gets down to business and opens his hole for Jason to slip inside. It’s a big cock and Lorenzo isn’t used to something that large inside his ass. There’s lots of grunting as Jason picks up the pace and pounds […]

Beefy Fucker: Jason Vario Makes Dallas Steele Moan

Beefy fuckers Jason Vario and Dallas Steele doing what they do best – fucking like savages! Gripping Jason Vario’s tight balls, Dallas Steele moans “Fuck!” as he slobbers on the stud’s meaty cock. He rubs his hand on the jock’s muscular chest, Jason guiding the sucker down deep on his dick again. Dallas’s big boner […]

Jason Vario and Jack Hunter Bond Over The Piss Bucket

Foreman Adam Thicke has a tool that Hunter Mark canít put down, the hairy stud’s own jock strap bursting at the seams before he gets his ass owned. And this all starts at the construction site’s piss bucket! They met over a piss bucket! Jason Vario and Manhunt Daily all-star Jack Hunter (I tend to […]

Jason Vario Is Fucking Bennett Anthony For TitanMen

Thick-dicked Jason Vario is living the life. Lounging by the pool all day is decadent enough, but then hot ginger pool boy Bennett Anthony puts down his net and starts sucking his dick! It’s only fair to reciprocate by putting that big cock in Bennett’s fuzzy ass, and riding him for all he’s worth on […]

Like Guys That Are Uncut? (Matthew Bosch and Jason Vario)

If uncut hunk of ass Jason Verio answered the door like this? If I were Matthew Bosch (a hot piece of ass in his own right), my greeting would be this (in that order): And hopefully, my own uncut dick wouldn’t get that much play immediately because I would be too busy fielding THIS: I […]

Beefy Fuckers With Huge Cocks: Jason Vario And Lorenzo Flexx

Yes, I have done the unbelievable and combined TWO Manhunt Daily categories into one post! Beefy fuckers! Huge cocks! Jason Vario did it! He’s a beefy fucker (with a bouncy bubble butt): Please note that his scene partner Lorenzo Flexx is definitely a “beefy fucker,” too. And as for the huge cock part: Click here […]

Jason Vario And Eric Nero: A Duel Between Two Uncut Dicks

The BODY on Vario. For those of you who are into foreskin, the last scene of TitanMen‘s Demolition is an uncut fuckfest! Beefy fuckers Jason Vario and Eric Nero collide and fuck like it’s the end of the world and it’s the last orgasms they’re going to be allowed. Titan tells me that the other […]

Beefy Fuckers: Jason Verio And Bruce Beckham Get Some “Caulke”

It’s the latest chapter in TitanMen’s political parody “Caulke For Free” and, surprise, it heavily features cock. Jason Verio is the dick-sucking lipped secret service agent watching all the sluttery when Bruce Beckham grasps Jason’s dick through his pants and asks him if he likes to watch. Duh! Before he knows it, Verio’s big dick […]