Beefy Fuckers: James Huntsman Initiates Jordan Boss Into Gay Sex

The pecs on these two! James Huntsman thinks Jordan Boss might be gay. Spoiler alert – he’s right! James smiles at Jordan’s assertiveness before flipping him over and pounding him doggy style from behind. He gives Jordan’s ass a nice hard smack, grabbing Jordan by his shoulders and fucking him even harder, before flipping him […]

Johnny Riley Seduces James Huntsman Into Gay Sex (At 50% Off!)

Sex imp Johnny Riley is the perfect choice for Next Door Buddies’ latest scene.It’s about a slutty dude who happens upon “straight” dude James Huntsman in the laundry room and seduces him into fucking him. Riley’s got a body built for sin, and I don’t care how manly man, ball cap and basketball shorts sporty […]

Thank Cock It’s Friday: James Huntsman Is Here To Fuck You Now.

Oh hey! Your mouth and ass look awfully empty right now. Would you mind if James Huntsman popped in and stuffed his big dick deep inside of you? He told me that he has a crush on you, and he wants to fuck you until you cum. This didn’t actually happen in real life, but […]

James Huntsman Got A Haircut.

Since James Huntsman is a gay porn star, I refuse to make a big deal out of him having gay sex in a gay porn scene. Instead, let’s talk about his haircut! It’s different. That’s really all there is to say on the matter. He chopped off his trademark blond surfer ‘do, and now he […]

Bi The Way: James Huntsman

Run away, gold star gays! This post isn’t for you. Though we’d love to tell you that James Huntsman is about to spread those fuzzy cheeks and get rammed like a slutty-ass bitch, the fact of the matter is that he really seems to love chicks. We’ve only see him in three hardcore scenes—one for […]

The Cock Buffet: Brought To You By Hot Sex With Markie More

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again—Next Door Studios has really stepped up their game in recent history, after overcoming huge fiascoes like their condom shaming propaganda and embarrassing wanna-be viral videos that came off as a poor attempt to replicate the success of underwear brand Andrew Christian‘s winning formula. When their experiment […]

Staying Power: 2014’s 100 Hottest Posts From 2011

Once upon a time, there was a place where you could jerk off to pictures of Samuel O’Toole‘s penis, read a strangely hot comic strip about Colossus doing Wolverine up the butt, and get teased over and over again with the prospect of Cody Cummings bottoming. That place was Manhunt Daily in 2011. It was […]

Now Presenting: The Hottest Cock Sluts of 2013

The moment has finally come! After hours upon hours of watching butts get filled to capacity with large cocks—and consequently agonizing over these rankings—I am ready to trust my instincts and announce 2013’s “Hottest Cock Slut“. Traditionally, this award goes to the gay porn model who’s shown excellency in bottoming throughout the year, demonstrating a […]