Let’s Get Kinky: Dominic Pacifico, Kidnapper

Getting kidnapped in real life is probably scary. But getting kidnapped by Dominic Pacifico in porn world is a hot prospect. In the latest scene from his self-styled website, Dominic captures Alex, tied and gags him and stuffs him in his trunk, and takes him out to a secluded locale. To fuck him silly! With […]

5 Times Dominic Pacifico Made Us Blow Our Loads

I don’t blog about Dominic Pacifico enough. He’s so fucking hot. He’s got a big, gorgeous dick. He’s got a sexy, swarthy body. He’s beautiful. And he’s got a kinky streak almost as big as his dick! Check out his site, and get into five times he made us blow our loads below! Dominic Pacifico […]

Dominic Pacifico And Casey Everett Have A Quiet Evening At Home

Casey starts to worship his sexy man Dominic’s rock hard cock. They pay full attention to detail as they swap BJs with each other. Dominic bends Casey over the couch to spread his legs wide open and then he buries his eager face between his smooth ass and tongue fucks it deep. Casey cock is […]

Let’s Get Kinky: Dominic Pacifico Wants Casey Everett To “Repent”

This is one nasty scene! Hot-ass Dominic Pacifico plays the HPIC (head priest in charge), lording it over young Casey Everett. Casey’s got some sins to wash away, which Father Dominic is more than happy to do. With his piss! Dominic also knows you can beat the sin away with a firm spanking and a […]

What The Fuck Is Dominic Pacifico DOING With This Gigantic Dildo?!?!?!

We need to talk about the sound that emerged from my body when I saw Dominic Pacifico licking this utterly humongous black dildo. It was half a gasp, half inhuman and littered with shock that Dominic might, just possibly, stretch open his hole for a toy that’s practically the size of his entire body. I […]

Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Dominic Pacifico

My jaw dropped to the floor when I first saw Dominic Pacifico's dick. For some reason, I just didn't expect to see such a monstrous cock to come flopping out of his briefs. But lo and behold, this cutie's packing something thick, long and undeniably delicious. You'll definitely want to get your hands on it! […]

Twitter Feed (Me): Porn Stars Are A’Tweetin’!

Well, we didn’t get hacked last weekend. That was nice! Your favorite porn stars were all over Twitter this week, posting pics, acting shady towards Manhunt Daily for promoting their scenes (*eye-roll*), and other fantastic fuckery. Scroll down to see the best tweets of the week! – Michael Xavier Would Kayden Gray rather we not […]