Dakota Payne And Ledger Are Frenzied Bareback Fuckers

I think about sums it up right? ChaosMen’s Dakota Payne’s and Ledger’s tongues and cocks slide into each other like a warm dick through butter. Or so the saying goes. Lock meet key, plug meet socket, big throbbing dick meet butthole! Scroll down for more, and click here to see ALL of it! – Michael […]

ChaosMen: Wright’s First Time Getting Fucked (Thanks, Dakota Payne!)

ChaosMen’s Wright says that he’s always wanted a dick in his butt, but he’s also been a little heistant. It’s a big undertaking. In his partner Dakota Payne’s case, you can take that literally. Wright’s girlfriend has been in his ass before but this is a whole ‘nother level. I’d like to report that Wright […]

ChaosMen: Dakota Payne And Kodi Get “Serviced”

It’s exactly what you came for. Two good-looking guys set loose on each other. Here’s Dakota Payne and Kodi fucking each other’s brains out for ChaosMen. I’m liking the fur. I’m liking the lean bodies. I’m liking the cum dribbling over Kodi’s face. It’s a hot scene. That’s about it. ChaosMen has it all, so […]

ChaosMen Is Having A Labor Day Sale! 4 Days For 4 Dollars!

That thrusting motion by Barton into Dakota Payne’s ass means that ChaosMen is having a sale! Get it – Barton’s hard at work and it’s Labor Day Weekend? I’m just going to move along and get into it. You can get four days on the site for exactly $4! Use this link, and enjoy more […]