7 Questions: Brian Bonds

I really got into Brian Bonds when I interviewed his butthole for Manhunt Daily. His butthole was so open and inviting, I just had to get to know its owner. Brian’s a porn mainstay, and his beautiful bod and fuck prowess have resulted in some of my favorite scenes. And his hole is made of magic! Most recently, he appeared with sex punk Mickey Taylor in The Layover for NakedSword. Bonds was kind enough to take on “7 Questions” (and then some) for us. Brian’s WAY truthful, and I love that in an interview. (Oh, and his line about the sandwich killed me.)

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Michael Xavier

1. Do you get recognized on the street? Do fans ask for autographs or pics with you? How do you feel about that kind of stuff? Any horror stories?

I don’t get recognized just a whole lot. Most of the time, I’ll have a hookup and the guy says that I look really familiar and once they put the pieces together, they’ll realize they just fucked a porn star. I find it cute when somebody does that because who the fuck am I to just blow somebody off who recognizes me from my work? I’m not Madonna. These encounters don’t usually turn bad. I might have the creep who thinks he’s entitled to touch whatever he wants, but that’s it.

2. How has doing porn changed you? Do you think you would be a different person if you hadn’t worked in the adult entertainment industry?

Doing porn has made me a harder person, some say guarded. I’m always going to have that nice, soft person that I was as a kid, but I realized that I have to make sure that my feelings are checked at the door. If I tended to every person who said “I really like you.” Or “I wanna be your bf” or “I wanna own you” or “ I just wanna get to know you better,” my thought immediately goes to “WTF do you want?”

3. Have you ever had to shoot scenes where you weren’t attracted to your partner? How do you get through those?

When I get scene partners that I’m not fully attracted to, I just have to sell the scene. I’m there for a paycheck and I can fake chemistry with the best of them. Which can become a problem sometimes because I tend to make people think that I’m actually interested in them when I’m more interested in the sandwich with my name on it waiting for me in the fridge.

4. What’s something that your fans would be surprised to know about you?

I don’t think I’ve hidden anything from my fans. From my insides coming out and giving winks, to rolling joints and smoking them on live apps, I have nothing to hide. Ask me anything and I’ll answer.

5. Are you ever going to update your blog again?

LMAO!! That’s a totally fair question. I do need to get back on my blog, but I have started doing an Only Fans page instead, however, my blog did focus on my professional work. Whereas Only Fans is for my personal videos from my phone. It’ll take a while to get it caught back up, but since you brought it up, I’ll take the time to go through and fix it.

6. What are your plans post-porn? Do you think your future will remain in adult entertainment?

After porn, I’m hoping to work at a marijuana dispensary in hopes to manage one. I want my life to continue to be weed, porn, and video games. To keep at least one or two of those being money-making occupations, instead of keeping me a consumer, would be great.

7. Which kink or fetish turns you on the most when it comes to sex play?

I tend to fist quite a bit. If I’m really enjoying somebody, then I’ll just kinda tell my partner to keep slipping fingers in until I have the whole hand in. I try to keep that as an enjoyable sex act both on and off camera.

8. Would you describe yourself as a top, bottom, versatile, whatever, etc?

I’m versatile, but most of the time I bottom. I always prepare to bottom. If my sex partner says they wanna bottom, then I’ll go along with it as that’s less prep I gotta do. But yeah, I’m mostly a bottom, which is a complete turnaround from when I first started. Ask Diesel Washington. We had a couple friendly back and forth arguments over the years about that very issue.